Hannover, August 2018

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Every year there is an exchange between the Hannover and Bristol Junior Chambers.  2018 was the turn of the BJC to visit Hannover, and what a wonderful weekend we had.  Read on to find out more & see photos here!

The Hannover – Bristol exchange has been going for 20+ years, with a huge impact to Junior Chamber members over the past two decades.  There are still members from many years ago who are in touch with their exchange counterparts.  We shared this year’s exchange with a number of the 39ers, the heritage group of BJC members over the age of 40, and it was a very special occasion to share the trip with them.

The agenda for this year’s exchange was, as always – our Hannoverian hosts are incredibly generous!, a dazzling array of activities, fun experiences and a great range of German beer!  We also learnt a lot about their Hannoverian Junior Chamber calendar, events & their way of engaging with local businesses and the community around them – it was eye opening & a great way of making new connections & generating new ideas.

Our Friday night was a tremendous celebration at the Machsee Lake festival – right in the centre of Hannover – where we enjoyed food, drinks and meeting all of our hosts and Hannover Junior Chamber members.  A late, and great night, was had by all!

Saturday morning saw a social (but very competitive!) golf game, followed by a fantastic lunch and ice-cream at a local parlour, followed by a fantastic night at the International Fireworks Competition(Romania showing their skills!) at a stunning stately home & gardens.  We then headed to a local brewhouse for some German disco dancing & great times!

Sunday saw us blow the cobwebs away back at the Machsee Lake but this time for a spot of sailing or a go on the pedalos.  We enjoyed breakfast with the 39ers, and all of their hosts.  It was a beautiful and sunny morning, a great way to clear any fuzzy heads!  We then headed off to an ‘Ascot Raceday’ at the Neuer Bult Racecourse – hats at the ready! – and had a great VIP ‘back of the track’ tour seeing the horses, the weighing-rooms and the middle of the parade ring.  Bets placed, and some euros won!, we then headed off for one final evening meal with our hosts before our flight home.

The BJC members that went had a wonderful time, and it was an incredible experience – with such generosity from our German hosts.

We look forward to hosting them in 2019, a huge thank you to them for everything for this year, and of course to introducing as many of the Hannover Junior Chamber to a welcoming group of BJC hosts as possible!

You can view the photos of our trip here on the BJC Facebook page, take a look!

We hope you’ll join the BJC in welcoming the Hannoverians next year, and joining us on our next trip over in 2020!  Not to be missed!

Alice Peacock