Holly Adlem

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Holly has been a member of BJC since May 2018. She works on the fundraising team at the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, Bristol’s local air ambulance. The air ambulance provides advanced emergency care to the most seriously ill and injured people and is despatched an average of 5 times each day. Holly says working in the charity sector can be challenging but equally, knowing your job is helping to keep the helicopter in the air and the crew on their way to the people who need them is very rewarding. She was also lucky enough to get a flight over Bristol earlier this year which is not bad for a work perk!

Holly joined BJC to meet other young professionals and for the varied calendar of speakers and events. Her first event was the Spring Drinks at the beautiful RWA, followed swiftly by the wine tasting at Avery’s – both lovely events and a great opportunity to get to know people. Funnily enough she has hasn’t made it to anything sporty yet…