Members Dinner

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The annual gathering for Members Dinner took place on Friday 25th October 2019 at The Clifton Club. A fantastic black-tie dinner with sixty members in attendance, celebrating membership of the BJC and all that it does. The occasion was very special and a great success, our President Alice Peacock warmly welcomed all members both old and new – some only a few weeks into their membership.

We were delighted to welcome Giovanni Piro one of the top Wavemakers at The Wave to talk to us about the new destination surfing lake in Easter Compton just north of Bristol over coffee.

With thanks to the Clifton Club for the exceptional menu and surroundings, and to our Chairs of Social & Events Rebecca and Emma for fantastic styling and also some ice-breaker games which were a great success on the table.

You can read the introduction to the event from our President Alice Peacock, printed on the table menus, here;

“It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the Bristol Junior Chamber Members’ Dinner 2019 at The Clifton Club. With over 70 years of history behind us, and much more networking & socialising ahead, it is always fantastic to see so many of our members come together for this annual event. There are members at the table tonight who joined the BJC close to 10 years ago, and those for whom this is their first BJC social event since joining in the past few months. We have a wide range of professions, business backgrounds and career histories in the room – and the thing that has brought us all together is the BJC; a desire to expand networks, learn new skills, give back to this amazing city of Bristol and spark something new with each other. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to someone you haven’t met before; share a good business story, exchange top tips for cocktail bars, discuss your most recent wins and challenges, explore possible joint ventures, understand what is happening at the core of industries other than your own and get the down-low on what is a ‘must visit’ Bristol pub for a Sunday roast. The purpose of the BJC is to make meaningful connections, and to carry those through with you regardless of which career path you take and what office you may be sat in – this is an organisation that you are part of as you, and will bring networks both professional and social. Enjoy this evening as members of this brilliant organisation, and celebrate what it means to be part of the Bristol Junior Chamber and all that it stands for.”