Five Minutes with the President

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What is your role on the Council of Management?

I’m the President.

What does your role involve?

Lots of things, it’s genuinely varied. Organising and leading the monthly meetings which are at the core of the BJC. Getting together a council of management, aiding them and giving guidance where required, not that they generally need it I might add. As President you are effectively the figure head and representative for the BJC so you do get invited to a number of events which I try to attend as many as I can.  

Why did you want to be involved in the Council of Management?

I had been a member for a number of years and had ran the Investment Forum for 4 years but felt I was time for a change and a new challenge.

What opportunities has this brought you or new skills have you developed?

It certainly takes you out of your comfort zone being involved and helping to organise events that are very different from the day job. It develops you as a person in terms of running meetings, listening to various points of view and ultimately as the President, being responsible for the final decision and being comfortable with that.  

What has been the best thing about being on the Council of Management?  

Probably the monthly picnic that I organised as Vice President. I like to think the CofM didn’t quite know from one meeting to the next what I might have got my hands on from the supermarket discount basket. Karl Brown’s Jamaican rum cake was pretty special too.