About Us

Our History

Bristol Junior Chamber is proud to have played an important role in contributing to the history of Bristol by furthering trade, commerce and industry, since it was founded in 1948.  BJC has been involved with a number of high-profile projects including:

  • The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta – Formed by the BJC in 1978 and now one of the UK’s top five outdoor events.
  • Bristol’s Heritage Walk – Formed by the BJC in 1984 in conjunction with the Bristol Tourist Information Centre, numbered plaques enable visitors to walk around some of the most exciting parts of the city centre.
  • Secret Underground Bristol Book
  • Bristol and Ballooning Book
  • Brunel 200 – Exhibitions, projects and celebrations taking place during 2006 to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Our Objectives

(a)  To promote the trade, commerce, and industry of Bristol and its environs and the United Kingdom generally.

(b)  To collect and disseminate statistical and other information relating to trade, commerce and industry.

(c)  To promote, support or oppose legislative or other measures affecting trade, commerce and industry.

(d)  To assist and support Business West in the attainment of objects (a), (b) and (c) above.

(e)  To give experience to members in the procedure and conducting of business meetings and opportunity to acquire and develop other skills useful in business.

(f)  To inform Business West of the views of members in relation trade, commerce, industry and shipping.

(g)  To develop the acquaintance of members through the media of their business occupations and social activities.

(h)  To promote membership of Business West.

(paraphrased from the memorandum of the Bristol Junior Chamber)

Our Projects

The BJC has a strong reputation for developing and organising projects, supporting everything that’s fantastic about Bristol. These projects range from Business and Enterprise, Education and Training, Heritage and Culture, International Exchanges and Influencing.

The BJC are active contributors to the agenda developed by Business West and the West of England Initiative. Members are involved in strategic forums, influencing policy such as transport and development. Presentations from key influencers across the region enable our membership to engage in debate, expressing the views and opinions of Bristol’s young business leaders.

Business and Enterprise
The B&E yearly programme includes activities such as networking events, topical talks or panel discussions, training sessions and industrial visits.

The visits were initially developed to discuss developments and their environmental impact, this format has now progressed to industrial visits, providing BJC members with an insight into how other organisations and businesses function. Normally inaccessible to the general public, BJC members gain a fascinating insight into the mechanics of different organisations. Recent visits have included the Houses of Parliament, Bristol Airport, Smiles Brewery, Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Factory, the National Wildlife Conservation Park and the Big Ben.

Education and Training
Schools Interviews – The BJC runs a Schools Mock Interview Service for students aged 15 – 17 to practice their interview technique, prior to attending university/work interviews. BJC members give a presentation to the school group focusing on completing application forms, interview preparation and interview technique before a team of BJC volunteers run mock interviews for the students. A rewarding and often challenging project, BJC members get as much out of this as the students.

The Council of Management are elected each year by the Membership.  The CofM work together to ensure the smooth running and progress of the Bristol Junior Chamber and are the main point of contact for all current and potential members.

The position of Vice-President automatically leads to President, and the position of President leads to Immediate Former President, this role is in effect a three year commitment leading the rest of CofM and the Membership during that time.

The CofM for 2017-2018 are as follows:

President – Kirsty Swan- kirsty@swancraig.co.uk

Vice President – Alice Peacock – alice@alastaircurrieevents.com

Immediate Past President – Charles Chami  – charles@glamis-ifa.co.uk


Membership Secretary – Dan St Quintin – daniel@beachbaker.co.uk

Treasurer – Jack Callow – jcallow@bishopfleming.co.uk

Treasurer – Chris Bees – cbees@mdaconsulting.co.uk

Chair of Education and Skills – Helene Titus-Glover – helene0889@gmail.com

Chair of Marketing & PR –Catherine Harris – catherine.harris@aboveandbeyond.org.uk 

Chair of Business and Enterprise – James Forward – jamesforward@hotmail.co.uk

Chair of Heritage and Culture – Louise Gilmer – lgilmer@vwv.com

Chair of Social and Events – Russ Landau – mailto:russell.landau@gmail.com

Chair of Social and Events – Danielle Argent – danielle_argent@doylecollection.com

Company Secretary – Hywel Pegler – hywel.pegler@rsmuk.com

Chair of Social Economy and Charity  – Ben Pean – benjamin.pean@apsys.eads.net

Chair of Sport – Owen Jennings – owen.jennings@quiltercheviot.com

The following people have held the post of President of the Bristol Junior Chamber:

1948 S V P Cornwell/P Kinnersley 1982 A M Goodall
1949 A F Bull/D A Newton 1983 D C J Evans
1950 L G Philpott/J G Dodson 1984 M G Pearce
1951 C P Franklin 1985 C J Naylor
1952 M F Andrews 1986 P Quigley
1953 L C H Smart 1987 K W J Brown
1954 D H Carrick 1988 R A Harper
1955 G H Grimes 1989 S J Pitchers
1956 P L Lynch 1990 Robert Whittington
1957 F W M Arkle 1991 M A Cavanna
1958 M R Clark 1992 D A Geddes
1959 P H Dyer 1993 C S Merrick
1960 R V Culverwell 1994 D M M Elson
1961 A Lam 1995 N Tolchard
1962 T J Organ 1996 P Hillman
1963 J P G Weston 1997 J Rickard
1964 P A Hilton 1998 Paul Brown
1965 B C Symons 1999 M Shaw
1966 J G Hordle 2000 J D Rimmer
1967 G A L Bennett 2001 D M Ashman
1968 R C Bladon 2002 P Angliss
1969 M J Gay 2003 James Durie
1970 R J Hill 2004 Peter Sulzman
1971 K M Lansdown 2005 Jon Rathbone
1972 Bob Durie FRICS OBE 2006 Ed Gunnery
1973 J H W Pepper 2007 Ben Hardy
1974 M R Hill 2008 Simon Gilbert
1975 J G Brown 2009 Sue Atkinson
1976 F H Pearson 2010 Emma Glynn
1977 W R Rowsell 2011 David  Bird 
1978 D H Cowgill 2012 Savita Custead
1980 M P Setter 2013 Tom Selway
1979 M F H Ware  2014 Karl Brown
1981 J A Barrett  2015 Ben St Quinton2016 Oliver Brown
Current Honorary Vice Presidents:W H R Durie OBE
S J Pitchers
M Shaw
C Skellett

Would you like to join the BJC?

Any business minded person under the age of 40 who works within the Bristol region is encouraged to make an application to the BJC.

Have any questions or want an application form?