Jack Callow

It was Valentine’s Day 2014 when this love affair first kicked off, and some five years on the relationship between the BJC and Jack is still well and truly in its honeymoon phase. Fellow member Jonathan Williams (Scouse John) played the role of cupid, selling how great the networking opportunities are to devastating effect; although he is also responsible for meetings being left early to catch the Liverpool game.  Jack is a qualified Insolvency Practitioner working for Bishop Fleming, a firm of chartered accountants based on Queen Square. He is currently a Treasurer for the BJC, where, above all else, he enjoys playing with his spreadsheet and withholding expenses from Russ Landau. The Thatcher’s tour and cycle ride is currently Jack’s highlight of the BJC year, although falling from his bicycle and head butting the pavement whilst trying to ‘wheelie’ a curb may just mean he can’t remember much else.  His love for Bristol has seen him visit every boozer in the city, a venture that came to an end in December last year.