Hywel Pegler

Having moved from London to the South West last year, I thought that joining the BJC would be a fantastic way to meet like-minded people in the area.  When I got to the point of joining, I thought I might as well get stuck in and put myself forward to be part of the Council of Management as Honorary Secretary.  It’s been a fantastic year, and I’ve met some wonderful people and made some really good friends.  It’s been great to see first-hand the enthusiasm with which CofM approaches their voluntary roles, and I would encourage anyone to get involved with the AGM now just a couple of months away.  Some particular highlights for me were the summer boat trip, as well as hearing from Ben Smith at the November session talking us through his 401 consecutive marathons….what a guy! I also really enjoy the lunches with the 39’ers that really bring home the heritage of the BJC and how so many people have got so much from it over the years. I  look forward to continuing my membership for many year to come.