Flamboyance on Bristol Harbour

Usually most birds soar, but in this case ours used oars as the BJC Flamingos swooped into third place during this years’ Bristol Dragon Boat Festival.

Aside from the chance to sport some fabulous fancy dress costumes and show some team spirit, the event was held to raise money for Bristol-based charity The Brightwell, which provides support and therapies for people living with MS or other neurological conditions. 

The day was full of friendly competition. We secured third place in heat one with an overall time of 01:14:07, but the following two heats saw our time massively reduce and by heat three we’d secured a sub 1-minute time of 0:59:42 which gave us a spot in the semi-finals.

We made it through to the final alongside a team from Rolls Royce and a team of Gnomes (but as it turns out Engineers and Gnomes come top of the pecking order…) so we collected our third place medals and prizes with pride and enjoyment from a brilliant, if not slightly tiring, day out.

Thanks to all our rowers, and to everyone who came by to support and donate for such a worthy cause.